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Grand G750 RIB Boat on Crab Island
Zodiac N-ZO 680 on Crab Island
Lounge in Zodiac N-ZO 680
Zodiac N-ZO 680 on Crab Island - 1
Zodiac N-ZO 680 on Crab Island - 1
Tiger Marine TopLine 850
Tiger Marine TopLine 650
Grand G750 Rigid Inflatable Boat
Zodiac N-ZO 680 on Crab Island - 1

RIB Boats are bigger than they look. They can seat up to 12 people, they are fun, fast and the best way to get around to Crab Island in style.
Looking for a Pontoon Boat? Check out our RIBs and improve your ride! 

Welcome to
Emerald Coast Boats
Family Owned and operated.
We take care of you!

Looking for a great boat for your family. We have brand new boats and slightly used for sale:

call for details.

Go to Crab Island, the Harbor, Noriega Point, Okaloosa Island. RIB boats can take you anywhere!!!


Get a RIB and upgrade your ride! 

Give me a call 850-797-7686 or 704-806-0970 to learn more.

Not sure what a RIB Boat is? Want to know why we think they are one of the best family all purpose style of boat on the market… Give us a call or text to learn more.

Experience the Joyride of a lifetime

(850) 753-6445

RIB is short for Rigid Hull Inflatable Boat. The hull is either fiberglass or aluminum. And, there is an inflatable tube around the boat. 

To learn about the advantages of a RIB - click here.

Brands we offer

Grand G750 Rigid Inflatable Boat
Grand Inflatable Boats Logo
Tiger Marine TL650 Luxury Center Console Rigid Inflatable Boat for rent or sale
Tiger Marine Logo
Zodiac N-ZO680
(850) 201-6255

Only select models are prepared for rentals.

Zodiac N-Zo 680 | Rigid Inflatable Boats (RIB)

Zodiac N-Zo 680 | Rigid Inflatable Boats (RIB)

Zodiac ® N-Zo 680 is perfect to spend friendly moments. The installation of an «Air console» has made it possible to minimize the floor space used and the deck lay-out has been designed to facilitate safe moving around on-board. As the other Zodiac boats, it is well-known for its quality and the safety it provides. Go to the web page of Zodiac N-Zo 680 : Subscribe to Zodiac Youtube's Channel : Official Zodiac website : Zodiac on Facebook : Zodiac ® manufactures and sells rigid inflatable boats (RIB), inflatable foldable boats, sailing and yacht tenders, dinghies, life rafts and life jackets. (FRA) --------------------- Zodiac ® N-Zo 680 est un bateau convivial. Il conserve toutes les autres qualités des bateaux Zodiac réputés intelligents et sécurisants. L'installation d'une « air console » a permis une optimisation de la surface du semi-rigide et l'aménagement du plan de pont facilite et sécurise les déplacements à bord. Visitez la page web du Zodiac N-Zo 680 : Abonnez-vous à la chaîne Youtube Zodiac Youtube : Zodiac Site Officiel : Zodiac sur Facebook : Zodiac ® est le leader mondial de la fabrication et la vente de bateaux pneumatiques, bateaux pliables, bateaux semi-rigides, d'annexes et dinghies, de tenders pour yacht et de radeaux de survie gonflables.
GRAND Golden Line G750GL

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Serving Destin, Miramar Beach, Santa Rosa Beach, and all the communities of 30A.

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850-797-7686 or​


Business and Sales office

Miramar Beach, FL 32550

Feel free to send us a question or comment. We will do our best to get back to you ASAP.

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