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Tiger Marine TopLine 850

What is a RIB?

RIB or RHIB is short for Rigid Hull + Inflatable Boat. Over 100 years ago Rigid Inflatable Boats were invented by a French company, known today as Zodiac. Today, RIBs are knowns as boats that have hulls made of fiberglass(or aluminum). So what's makes a RIB better than a traditional all fiberglass boat? 

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A Much Smother Ride

The addition of inflatable tubes to a solid hull increases the shock-absorbing qualities of the vessel giving it a hull that can essentially change shape under the impact of waves. 



Safety is always the priority in any boating situation. An advantage of RIBs is their increased safety because of the inflatable tube that around the boat. Having inflatable sides not only helps protect your boat and other boats while docking and maneuvering in tight spaces, it also reduces the impact if you ever happen to get into a more serious collision. Rigid inflatable boats are extremely tough and virtually unsinkable. Their inflatable collar keeps the vessel upright, even when taking on water.

RIBs were initially designed for extreme rescue purposes. However, for everyday operations, the inflatable siding makes life easier. You can pull up to a dock or another vessel and not worry about damage like you would with a hard-hull boat.

You don’t want to worry about damaging the boats from minor bumps. With inflatable sides, you don’t have to worry about a small mistake causing damage to your boat.

IYour passengers will be safer, and you won’t have to worry as much about an injury or awkward missteps.

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Better Handling

Few boat types can compete with inflatable boats when it comes to maneuverability. They outperform fiberglass boats because they cut through waves easier, turn sharper and quicker, and get out of tight spots easier. They’re also are able to perform at high speeds in almost any type of water condition.

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More comfortable

A comfortable ride is essential for anything you do on the water. You don’t want to be uncomfortable when things get a little rough. The inflatable tube provides excellent shock absorption compared to other boats. Making the ride comfortable, stable ride.


Comfort is especially important in a pleasure boat. Luxury RIBs are specially designed to give you and your passengers a great view and a comfortable seat. Less hard surfaces and more seating makes the RIBs we offer an ideal family cruiser. 

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Lighter weight = lower cost

RIBs weight significantly less that all fiberglass boats. For example, our 22 and 24 foot RIBs can exceed 40MPH with a 150HP motor. They burn less fuel, and cost less to purchase and maintain. 

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Faster and more versatile

RIBs are great for cursing. Safe to take into the open ocean, they won't sink even if they are full of water. RIBs make great fishing boats as the can get in and out of tight spots. RIBs are great for pulling people on skis, tubes and wakeboards because they are powerful. RIBs are the ultimate family cruiser.  

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