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Top Brands from around the World

We offer top quality RIBs from 10' open versions up to 30' luxury center console models

for sale via custom order

Brands We Carry - Only the Best!

At Emerald Coast Boats we have chosen the finest luxury RIBs to bring to the Florida Panhandle. Our philosophy is simple. Try one of our boats before you buy it. Rent it for a day, two days or even a full week. Experience a ride like no other on the water, with speed, comfort and superior agility to pontoon boats and your standard full body fiberglass boats. RIBs are the safest boats on the water, practically unsinkable. Easier to dock and undock due to the large tube that provider a build in fender. Yes the bodies of most of the boats are full fiberglass. But, they are lighter in weight, creating better fuel economy, a faster ride, a boat the literally jumps up on the plane of the water almost like a jet ski. You must experience it to understand. 


So, what are you waiting for? Give us a call or go online to book your day on the water with ECB Today! 

Zodiac Nautic Logo

Zodiac Nautic

The O.G., the company that started it all..........


After 125 years of business, Zodiac knows the value of delivering quality boats that are safe and reliable to our customers. We strive to innovate and create exceptional products that deliver on that mission so that you can focus on doing more of what you love.

Grand Inflatable Boats Logo

Premium Inflatable Boats

Quality, Guaranteed

Emerald Coast Boats makes sure to only work with the very best brands in the industry. Contact us today to see what we’ve got to offer you.

Tiger Marine logo


Tiger Marine boats are built with the best parts in the market, made by the best European manufacturers and complies with CE regulations. This is the only way to ensure the greatest quality of the parts and for the customer to receive the best boat for the value.

Premium products at Fair Prices

At Emerald Coast Boats, we make it a point to keep in stock only the highest quality brands. Call, text, message or email us today to learn more about how you can get on the water to enjoy the ride of your life on one or our Luxury RIBs.

We rent our full inventory our on a daily basis during prime season May through September. We sell all of the boats at the rental boats at a discount when the season end. Or, you can customize your own boat by placing a special order 

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