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Thinking of buying a boat...Let us help!

We sell lightly used boats from our rental fleet as well as new and customized boats. The rental fleet will start selling in August. Get a lightly used RIB Boat for a GREAT PRICE!!!  

If you would like to put yourself in line to purchase one of our rentals at the end of the season please fill out this form ==>


However, we are also a full-line retail dealer for new boats from Zodiac, Grand Boats and Tiger Marine. If you want to explore the full-line of boats from any of our manufacturers, you can go directly to their websites by clicking their buttons below. Please send us an inquiry to and we will be more than happy to help in your search for your perfect boat. Our sales process is simple. We seek to educate our customers first, and let them know that we are providing trusted information. We believe that if you have the right information the decision should be easy. After all, there is enough pressure in making your decision already, there is no need for us to apply more. Laid back is our approach.

Our Fleet

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