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All You Need To Know

What is a RIB and what's better about a RIB than a regular fiberglass boat? 

RIB is short for Rigid(hull) Inflatable Boat. RIBs have full fiberglass hulls(or aluminum) and a large inflatable tube around the hull. They are lighter weight & more fuel efficient, more comfortable, handle better, safer and more versatile, making them the ultimate family cruiser. Check out What is a RIB?

What is our cancellation policy for bad weather? 

ECB reserves the right to cancel due to inclement weather for safety reasons. Every attempt will be made to reach all renters in the event cancellations have to be made. Including notices to renters already on the water that inclement weather is upon us and creating a hazard. Refunds will be made in full for fully cancelled days, and/or prorated if a partial day has to be cancelled. 

All day rentals are due back at the designated drop-off location no later than 6PM. If you return your rental boat later than 6PM, there will be a $50 late fee per 30 minute increments that the boat is late. 

What is our policy for returning the boat late? 

Do I have to pay up front? 

Yes. All rentals are paid for online in full before you pick up your boat. To book in advance call about making a deposit to hold your boat. 

What is State Bill 606 or SB606? What is the Florida Boater Safety Act of 2022? And how does it affect me? 

The Boating Safety Act of 2022 in Florida(formerly called SB606), is a new state law that requires boat rental companies meet several new guidelines which include providing renters with pre-rental safety checklists and operational instruction specific to the boats they are renting, as well as covering basic safety guidelines. ECB uses a US Coast Guard checklist created for RIBs. In addition, SB606 requires the rental company to offer daily rental insurance to the renter, which would be purchased at the time the renter boards the rental boat. This insurance policy which is issued to the renter in their own name covers any act the renter is liable for while in the rental boat. ECB carries liability coverage. If you, as the renter, acquire a policy in your own name that policy will cover any damage or injury that the you might cause to themselves, their guest or others in accident. By following these laws and regulations, you can help ensure a safe and enjoyable boating experience in Florida. Learn more HERE

Where do I pick up my rental boat? 

You can pick up your boat at Sandestin($50 fee), or Cessna Landing. We may be able to make special arrangement to meet you at another location for an additional fee. 

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